hillary and colton -- married

Hillary and Colton's wedding was long awaited and heavily anticipated. After an engagement of over a year, we were all so excited for them to get married! Their engagement session is still one of my favorites. I met Hillary in our freshman foundations art classes early on in college, and we were would-be roommates before she transfered to USC-Upstate. Thankfully, Colton already had his eye on her, so she visited often.

A quintessential southern wedding, this day was so full of sunshine and love, and I can't wait for ya'll to see it. Hillary's maid of honor's reaction when she saw her in her dress - the sweetest; second only to the reaction from her father. Colton was a little dazed too. Needless to say, Hillary was a knockout. I also loved the handmade sweetgrass cross boutonnieres, which they bought from a local sweetgrass basket vendor.