Bianca + Andy - Engaged

Bianca and Andy found me via The Internet,  and I am so glad they did! Jordan and I were able to spend some time with them in their home in Delaware and at a nearby state park, making photos and celebrating their engagement. Would you guys believe they were nervous about being photographed? Major props to all you couples who are flawlessly natural in front of the camera, you're my heroes. I felt like I might puke the whole week before my own engagement session, so trust me, I know it's not always the most comfortable thing. The amazing thing is just that love looks good on people, so if you just concentrate on your boo and remember why you're there, it makes it a little easier. Plus I'll make bad jokes, ask you lots of questions, make you run around and sometimes play silly games. Bonus points if we include your pets.

Needless to say, I am PSYCHED about Bianca and Andy's wedding in Pittsburgh next fall. Now take a looksie at these gorgeous people.