Paige + Ben - Wedding

Married barefoot in the mountains and the summer rain, Paige and Ben's wedding day was about as romantic as they come.

Paige and Ben are such a great example of embracing the day and having a great time! Not planning on a first look, they met back to back and read letters to each other. Ben was so excited! He squeezed Paige's arms and kept saying "don't go yet, just stay a little longer. Are you sure we can't just see each other?". It was truly adorable. They went back to their respective cabins to wait for the ceremony.

Then, it started to pour. We checked the radar, and decided to take a window when the rain would clear for them to have their first look before the ceremony, so they'd for sure get a few photos without being soaking wet, because rain or no rain, they were getting married outside.

You guys! Ben's reaction to seeing his sweet bride is one I'll never forget.

Even after standing in the rain for the majority of their ceremony, all this group had to give was joy. It’s pretty much impossible to be around Paige and Ben and not catch their infectious spirit. They re-enacted the dance down the aisle from Jim and Pam’s wedding on the office with their wedding party of 20 (it was amazing), frolicked more than any wedding group I’ve seen, and repeatedly affirmed me and thanked me all day (all you other wedding photogs know how much this means!). They finished off the night getting down in with a wild dance party and a tunnel of green streamers!

And I HAVE to mention the Mother of the Bride, Daphne. She put together all these beautiful details, including Paige's dried flower bouquet, which I just adore.

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