Can you photograph my wedding? 


Do you travel?


Do I need a second shooter?


Are engagement photos necessary?


How long have you been a photographer?


Do you edit all my photos?


Do you photograph elopements?


What even is an elopement?


Have you ever shot at my venue before? Do you need to do a site-visit?


Why are your pets so cute?

Q & A


I sure hope so! Hop on over to my contact page, give me all the details on you and your boo, and I’ll let you know if I’m available!


You betcha! I’m based in the Carolinas, but I travel often for weddings and shoots. Some of my favorite weddings have included travel to Colorado, California, New York, and the ever glamorous Ohio and Pennsylvania! Let me know where your wedding/session will be in your inquiry form, and we’ll work out a travel quote. When you’re ready to sign a contract, travel fees will be included in your package total. I’ve learned to be thrifty with travel and we’ll work to get your quote as low as possible. 


I recommend a second shooter when weddings are larger than 150 or when the couple isn’t doing a first look, but only my 2 larger packages include them. You can add a second photographer on to any package! I shoot solo often and obviously wouldn’t offer it if I wasn’t totally comfortable on my own! 


I wouldn’t say they’re NECESSARY, but I highly recommend them. They’re built in to all my packages because 1. they’re fun! 2. it’s a great time for us to get to know each other and for you to get comfortable in front of my camera. I’ve had weddings I absolutely adored and I didn’t meet the couple before the day of, but it helps if we already know each other! Think of all the inside jokes we might miss out on if we skip hanging out beforehand! 


I’ve been carrying around a camera basically since age 12. I shot my first wedding in 2012, and I’m currently in my 4th year of business full time.


Every photo you receive in your gallery is edited! All delivered photos are adjusted for color, tone, crop, and minor blemishes. I do not heavily photoshop images or make body alterations. I like to keep it real! If requested, select images can be outsourced for those type of alterations at an additional price. 


Yassss. Intimate weddings and elopements are always a huge honor to be a part of and I love photographing them. I currently only offer elopement pricing on weekdays (Monday-Thursday), because I think part of the beauty of having a small wedding is that you can do it whenever you want! Plus, I often photograph elopements in beautiful, but public, outdoor areas that are much less crowded on a week day. 


Well, glad you asked! Eloping has definitely become repopularized in recent years, but it’s not exactly “running away together” like your great grandparents talk about. They are for the
couple who wants an intimate, non-traditional day, full to
the brim of them. Eloping gives you a chance to say “I do”
in a space that might be impractical for an entire wedding
and allows you to choose a spot totally true to you. It can
be just the three of us, or you might want a few close
friends and family there, that’s up to you. Maybe you’re
headed to the courthouse, but you want to throw a rockin’
party afterwards-- that’s great! Each one is totally unique, so we’ll work up a timeline together that fits your needs perfectly. 


I don’t typically do site visits. If I’m unfamiliar with your venue, I’ll look it up online and research it, plus I’ll ask you what you liked best about it (and usually why you booked it!). If it’s a travel wedding, I usually get there at least a day before so I have some time to scope things out, but I always take some time when I first arrive to mentally pick out spots for photos. At this point, I’ve shot enough weddings that things like that are second nature to me, so I gotchu! 


IDK!! I ask myself that all the time. #blessed