I became the girl with the camera long before I knew that is who I am.
When I was little I was a memory hoarder - I would sift through bins of family photos and stash away my favorites. I was gifted a plastic red film camera one Christmas at age 7, and I’ve honestly been carrying one around ever since. I’ve always been most interested in people. I love being a wedding photographer because it not only gets me a front row seat to love stories, but a hand in crafting how those stories are told and how they will be remembered. I never quite get over the way couples look at each other, or the significance of trying to learn to love another person the way that Christ loves us. How cool is that we get to have parties with literally all of our favorite people, celebrating a lasting covenant between us, our boo, and our Mighty Creator? Pretty dang cool.


instant friend qualifiers

Things I like and can talk about in detail:

tacos, pastel hair, Godiva Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel bars (if we're getting specific, but chocolate in general), fluffy animals & fluffy animal snuggles, Miyazaki movies, love of planners and desk supplies, goat cheese, trash tv (of the teen drama variety, not Kardashians or reality tv), Game of Thrones, flowers and plants (I don't know a ton, but I like people who do - baby's breath lovers beware), velvet furniture, and my husband (aka if you like him I probably like you)