Let’s get real for a second. Having your picture taken isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not easy to stand in front of a stranger and look like you’re having the most intimate, heartfelt moment of your life. So, I don’t want to be a stranger! Let’s get to know each other, and when the time comes for you to stand in front of my camera it won’t be such a big deal, and it won’t feel so hard. One of the most magical qualities of love - it looks good on you. Tease each other, snuggle, laugh, think about all the reasons you love each other - why you're here and how you got there. Do that, and it'll be a breeze. 

Each couple I have the honor of being with on their wedding day teaches me something new; everyone exhibits love a little differently, and it is all worthwhile, lovely, and wonderful. Ugly crying does not exist. If you’re crying, it is heartfelt and genuine and dang beautiful. These are the things worth pursuing, the golden moments I want to capture and help you remember when the party is over and the dress is hung up.

If you let me in, I’ll treasure that privilege. I will smile like a fool editing through your entire session. I will champion your love, your marriage, your family. While weddings are my bread and butter, my empathetic little heart gets joy from capturing any and all forms of love. Love for your craft, familial love, self love, spousal love. I used to think my job was to find beauty, capture it, shine it up. Sure, that’s part of it. But when you’re open and honest and giving freely of your love, the beauty in that is bold faced and glaring, there is no hunting it down. I ask for your trust and honesty, and if you’re willing to give me that I promise to treat it well. 


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I include engagement sessions in each of my packages because they are important to me. They are a great time to get to know you before the wedding day, and just a good time to get to have some laughs and snuggles with your boo (and me, I’m there too). I have found that the wedding day runs a lot more organically if we’ve done an engagement session prior, and I’m in the business of making friends, not just clients. 

So, what does this look like? We’ll chat about you guys as a couple and pick out a location or activity suited to you. We’ll talk and get to know each other, I’ll ask you guys some questions and probably make you do more than a couple silly things, and we’ll take photos throughout. My hope is that our session will end with you both being really pumped to do the dang thing and get married, because I know I’ll be excited about it.

Photos from these sessions are edited and returned to you within 3-5 weeks of the session date in an online gallery, unless you add on a flashdrive to your package, in which case, you get both.


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This is the part where you, as the bride,get to test out your look and get some bomb photos of you in your dress. It’s a great trial run for hair and makeup options. You can bring a gal pal or a relative, and we’ll all have a good time. These photos are also edited and returned to you within 3-5 weeks of the session date in an online gallery, unless you add on a flashdrive to your package, in which case, you get both. Need those suckers back fast? Ask me about rush processing and we'll get it done!




Whew. Wedding days are an exciting, beautiful whirlwind. There is a lot of anticipation and buildup around one day to be perfect and magical, and while I sincerely hope that your day is everything you dreamed of, it is only the beginning of the dream. I'll be there to help you remember to soak it all in, to sit and bask in those moments you've been you've been planning for and to not let them pass right by. Your love deserves it's own pause and a few quiet, giddy moments. We will talk about  all the details leading up to the day, so you’ll get plenty of information beforehand. We’ll go over your timeline and all the things you want. I want to be as helpful as possible, so ask me all the questions.  You’ll get your images back within two months of the wedding date, as soon as they’re done, via your online gallery. Shortly after, you’ll get a package in the mail with your flashdrive of images and everything else that was included in your package. If you’re ordering an album, we’ll start to discuss what that looks like.




These are the non-wedding related ones. In-home sessions are what they sound like, photos of you and your boo at home, doing you. These can be family sessions, but overall I just think there is something truly great about who we are at home. These are the alternative to posed and stiff photos, while still marking whatever occasion or season of life you’re in.

Adventure sessions can be for couples, or individuals, but they are what they sound like as well. We will go on a little adventure together and make some photos. If you’d like more info on either of these, just ask!