So, there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes.

wanna tag along for it all?

Here’s the dealio: I am looking for a right-hand lady to start off my 2019 Spring wedding season!


- lives in the Greenville area

- already owns a full frame camera (i.e. not a crop sensor, totally open to Canon or Nikon)

- has weekend availability 

- likes working with people and understands connecting with clients is a huge part of being a wedding photographer

- is creative-minded and eager to learn

- thinks I’m cool and is totally up for being my friend (and doesn't take herself too seriously, cause, like, I just made thinking I'm cool a requirement for this thing, lol)

If you nodded your head to all of the above, we’re off to a good start! Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you



I am looking for a part-time commitment, mainly to second shoot, although depending on your interests and time available we could expand that. Not all of my packages include a second photographer, and I have several travel dates where a second photographer won’t be necessary, so this is by no means an every weekend kind of commitment. Above all, I’m looking for a girl who is eager to learn more about wedding photography and client interaction that I can pour into and count on. We would be spending quite a bit of time together, so I’m also looking for a friend.


I’m an open book! If you’re working on your business or just trying to figure out if this is the industry for you, I’m happy to answer any and all questions I can. This might include things like: portfolio review, editing help, developing a brand and vision for your business, social media strategy, posing and lighting, client interaction, literally anything you can think of. This is a paid position. Interns are paid $15/hour for the time spent photographing weddings, and extra for double wedding weekends or when overnight travel is required. You’re totally welcome to attend portrait/ engagement sessions for experience/portfolio building, but these are not required or paid.


Below you’ll find some questions to help me get to know you! Before officially hiring, we’ll compare schedules to make sure we’re a good fit! If you already have weddings booked, that’s great and I’m psyched for your growing business! However, I do need commitment for certain dates, and I want to be sure you and I both get the most possible out of this!

applications close wednesday, march 20th.

Name *
where can I see your work?
Where are you based out of?
Have you photographed a wedding before? Were you the primary photographer or secondary? Attended any workshops/mentorships/internships?
That random fun fact you use in get to know you games, an embarrassing story, your favorite Jonas brother, anything.



I abandoned my art education degree,

but the desire to teach stuck around. 


I've been "the girl who takes pictures" since I was thirteen years old, but finding mentors and community in this industry changed the game for me. Having someone who wasn't Google to ask questions of was so important and still is! It helped give my business a direction and something to build off of. I still attend workshops, take classes, and seek the advice of people I admire because I don't have it all figured out. I never will. I think isolation in a saturated industry like this  stirs bitterness and can cause us to build up walls that will only hold us back. 

I couldn't be more excited to finally be offering these sessions! 

Mentor sessions are designed to guide you to your why and give you the steps to how. Plus, you know, lots of pretty pictures.


*use contact form or email me with session type as subject at juliamaddensears@gmail.com


skype session // $200

As much as I would love to grab coffee with and squeeze each and every one of you, I know that's not always possible. Skype sessions are for those of you that can't meet in person but are still looking for some practical guidance to grow your business. You'll start off answering questions that will give me a better understanding of who you are and what you're passionate about. We will use that to nail down your ideal client and make some moves to get you shooting what you want to be shooting. Then, we'll have a 2 hour skype session guided by your questions and what you want to learn! We can cover anything and everything, including social media marketing, websites and portfolio review, the booking process, traveling for photography, workflow, and editing. 


live shoot session // $400

I think the best way to learn something is to get out there and do it! 

Before we meet we'll work through your ideal client and areas you'd like the most help.  I'll arrange a shoot with an awesome couple, and we'll meet up beforehand to grab some coffee and chat. Bring any questions you've got - I'm an open book! We'll go over how I shoot, client interaction, prompts and posing, and you'll get some sweet shots for your portfolio.  This session is driven by your needs and what you are specifically wanting to learn and shoot regularly.


 shoot + edit Session // $500

The same in-person perks as a live shoot session with the added bonus of in-person editing!

This session includes email correspondence to focusing on finding and strengthening your brand and an in-person q+a before a shoot with a super fun, super in love couple where we will hit all the areas you're wanting to learn the most about. Tips on natural and emotive posing and prompting, client interaction- and everything that happens between my clients and me at a typical engagement session. Once the shoot wraps up, we'll end with grabbing something to eat and going over some photos from the session to edit together.