The short + sweet : Just a girl who said she would never get married in college and but then did exactly that my senior year. I love every kind of fluffy animal and semi-trashy teen romance television show. I studied painting in college and I’m forever inspired by and thinking in color. The beach at night holds more magic than anywhere else for me. I live near the blue ridge mountains with my husband and our palace of pets (okay, it’s not exactly a palace, we just have a lot of pets - two dogs and two cats).  We’re a couple of homebodies whose date night looks like picking a Miyazaki movie to watch for the 9th time and trying a new sour beer.


process and philosophy

Let’s get real for a second. Having your picture taken isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not easy to stand in front of a stranger and look like you’re having the most intimate, heartfelt moment of your life. So, I don’t want to be a stranger! Let’s get to know each other, and when the time comes for you to stand in front of my camera it won’t be such a big deal, and it won’t feel so hard. One of the most magical qualities of love - it looks good on you. Tease each other, snuggle, laugh, think about all the reasons you love each other - why you're here and how you got there. Do that, and it'll be a breeze. 

Each couple I have the honor of being with on their wedding day teaches me something new; everyone exhibits love a little differently, and it is all worthwhile, lovely, and wonderful. Ugly crying does not exist. If you’re crying, it is heartfelt and genuine and dang beautiful. These are the things worth pursuing, the golden moments I want to capture and help you remember when the party is over and the dress is hung up.

If you let me in, I’ll treasure that privilege. I will smile like a fool editing through your entire session. I will champion your love, your marriage, your family. While weddings are my bread and butter, my empathetic little heart gets joy from capturing any and all forms of love. Love for your craft, familial love, self love, spousal love. I used to think my job was to find beauty, capture it, shine it up. Sure, that’s part of it. But when you’re open and honest and giving freely of your love, the beauty in that is bold faced and glaring, there is no hunting it down. I ask for your trust and honesty, and if you’re willing to give me that I promise to treat it well.